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Best Transit App Ever!

The app is always improving. I cant wait for the GO live functionality to come to Seattle!


This has to be the best app Ive ever installed on my phone. You dont have to go to bus stop and wait for the bus for 30 mins. Checking the real time bus location is awesome!

I love

I love this app so much !!!!!! Helps me get to where I need to go and when my bus is arriving.

Open app is frozen

I got a message saying trip expired in which the buses werent expired. Then it closes back to the main menu. Please fix it.

Doesnt work in Boston on MBTA

I dont know why the MBTA has ads in their trains and buses claiming this is the official app of The T. Buses dont have GPS like Honolulu TheBus so theres no way the app can know when a bus is coming. I hope they know where the trains are in the system, but the information isnt getting to this app. Waiting times on the app arent even coordinated with the schedules. Whats the point? Wait times have air wave symbols radiating from implying a live connection. Thats deception.

Love it

First time ever feeling the need to write a review just because the update details crack me up every time. Youve really got a good sense of humour. Keep up the good work you wonderful human beings!


This app is great but recently I am no longer able to see TTC buses on it.

More useful than google

Love how this app allows you to see which direction youre facing when tracking your location. Also, whoever writes their update summary needs a raise because its hilarious

One of the greatest apps Ive ever used.

Real time bus tracking, multiple options and variables, alerts for your stop, and convenient user interface.

Its not that accurate

It need improvement, its not accurate at all! Proven fact I take the MTA EVERY DAY TO GO TO WORK. This is not it. App speaks for itself.

Add a daily reminder for a bus as part of our morning routines

This would be even more helpful if this app would nudge me while Im getting dressed to hurry up before the early bus arrives. Then, if Im not moving along my route (meaning I missed that bus), I would love it if the app told me when the next bus is coming. I would love to be able to set an alarm schedule for this.

Best transit hands down

Transit is a must have for anyone in a metro area who uses public transit. Thanks for all the hard work! I love the TriMet service alerts, makes it easy to plan extra time when there are service disruptions. Also the app change log is always hilarious!

Crashes sometimes but otherwise excellent

This app is invaluable especially if you travel a lot in the 95 corridor. It does crash more often than not but otherwise very helpful.


I just moved to the city, and this app is SOOO helpful for when I take the bus daily to go to school, or whenever I decide to take the bus. Its great to see how long its gonna be before the bus arrives, etc etc. DEFINITELY worth it if its available for you city!

Doesnt work

Pointless. Every time I try to find a route, the screen goes white. Shows me zero results.

App does not get service status info reliably

This app does not deserve a good rating if you expect to use it for real-time service status alerts such as delays. I regularly use NYC Subway and NJ Transit. Even when their websites have info on delays posted, they usually do not appear in the app. So Id advise you to forget this app and just go directly to the service status info on the websites.

No bueno

I was so happy with this app. I would recommend this app. To everyone I could. I actually depended on it. But thats a depend on people and things. Your notifications dont work. Ive missed busses bc I wait for the app to tell me when its 2-3minutes to go and it doesnt. The busses by me run scarce. So if I miss one I have to wait almost 20 minutes for another. Work on that please

Broken Promise

This app does work for rough planning, but it doesnt show where the buses are. It shows where theyre scheduled to be. It told me my bus had come and gone 3 minutes before it arrived. I sat on the bus, and even while we moved, it told me I had to wait for the next one.


12 min till bus arrives. (3minutes later)- 16 minutes till bus arrives(2min later) 4 min till bus arrives. Like... WHAT? Something is very wrong with this app and it has not been fixed.

Just fantastic

Transit made so much better. Now if only montreal transit was as reliable as this app, I wouldnt need to find alternate ways to commute daily. But when I cant use my bike, its the best thing ever.

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