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The app is no longer accurate

The older versions were the best, but this one doesnt even deserve my time to open the app, it showed me for 3 times the wrong bus time and route to my destination. I live in Canada btw, so I had to wait 23 long minutes at the bus stop with a friendly temperature of -9°


Funktioniert immer und sogar offline!


Read the article on Medium and thought "this is it", finally I could jump off the Google maps and use something more precise. First disappointment: the app doesnt show the places specified by names. In my case it was cafe name copied from Google maps with a full address. Second: when I decided to delete the name and leave only address in a field, whole entry was deleted. Third: ok, entered street name manually and chose it from the list and... the app showed me a time-table. The problem is that I move on the bicycle. Bicycle route is turned on, but its impossible to find it.

Not available in my region

I cannot use this app because its not available in my region. But Id like to give 5 stars for this awesome update description

Cant live without it!

Its accurate and easy to use! And best of all, its getting better and better. And the update notes are also interesting to read as well :)

Best App in iOS!

This is an automatic add for every iOS device. Essential, timely and reliable and a dozen more adjectives. Hell, even the write ups to their updates are great. Much love for keeping me and my family from freezing waiting for the

Best way to navigate transit

Fantastic app for transit riders! Easy to use and understand, its the perfect companion for anyone riding the bus or train.

Great app!!

Truly wonderful and it works! Also dont need wifi for use!

New Vancouverite - this app is the new bible.

Long ago, before the smart phone, before the gps, before I could broadcast my intense love/hate relationship with cheese to the world via social media, people had to stand in the cold, bitter tundra that is the Canadian landscape with crossed fingers hoping the bus would show up soon. I didnt have to do this mind you, but Ive heard stories. Regardless, this app makes all of that Neanderthalian nonsense a thing of the past. Its reliable, (like having to pay taxes, only they dont make you cry by taking all of your money) its easy, (like that one friend of yours) and its constantly improving (like we all tell ourselves were going to do for the first week or so of every new year). Oh, also, read their update info, theyre a hoot and a half every time.


this app has saved my life :) also all the updates and the descriptions of the updates make my day every time :)

This app is a holy grail

This app is fantastic guys. Transit is NEVER reliable around here and this app has made me feel some type of calm when dealing with busses and trains. Really excited for the new update, because passengers are much more reliable than expected arrival times. Thank you!!!

I keep on waiting for the updates

The updates for this app are the only ones I read from start to finish before I update it. Who ever the writer for those are, I want to be your best friend. Awesome app and makes the commute in -40 Winnipeg weather a tad easier!

Damn Good

This app is godsend. I couldnt use the STO app because of the update were filled w/ micro transacts that hid info behind a paywall so now that this app works well I can finally get to college without a hassle, which is pretty difficult in the capital. Bonus: since I live in 2 cities and I downloaded this app I dont need 2 obsolete ones eating up my storage space.


The only thing better than the app is the descriptions that accompany each update.


The perfect companion to an everyday commuter :)

Love this app!

I recommend this app to any transit user especially when they still are using the text the bus company for schedule method of travel. I could not get around without this App! Thx :) love that it works almost everywhere.

Best Transit App in the World

Hands down, the best app on my phone. The UI is intuitive, quick and easy to navigate, updates are frequent and useful, 5 stars all around. I want to shake the hand of the person who made this.

Amazing app for transit

This app has everything you will need to be on time at your destination. Real time tracking works great.

Amazing App! Super useful

One of the best transit apps available. Super easy to use with good information. Wouldnt choose any other app.


This app is so awesome its not funny it shows me all the times all the routes its free and like live time busses? ILY guys and your update patch notes are hilarious

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